Book Layout and Design – what content gets printed?


  • (spill resistant) Softtouch matte cover 
  • Choose between six cover colors: Blue, Green, Navy, Yellow, Red, Purple
  • The date range is printed on the cover
  • The spine is printed with your subscription's name and the date range

Title Page

  • The Date range covered in the book. It's possible that the book may include a long chunk of time if an old moment was posted to Notabli while your in-progress book was building.
  • The profile photos of the kids in your subscription
  • The kid's names and age ranges


  • Mohawk matte #100 eggshell paper
  • One photo per page
  • Photos aren't cropped or compressed for printing.
  • The date, and if it was provided, location will be above each photo
  • Captions (including emojis 😎) are printed below your photos. Captions are limited to 280 characters.
  • Any captions that exceed 280 characters will be omitted from books, due to space limitations.