Start a Book Series

It's free to create a book series on Notabli. You won't be charged until you decide to enable automatic printing.

Start a new book series

1. On the web, visit and click the `Start a New Series` box.

2. Give your book series a name – this will be printed on the spine of all the books in the series. 

3. Pick a cover color 

4. Choose the kids that you would like included. We'll collect all the photos posted for these kids. If they already have moments in Notabli they'll be included in your first books. 

Hit Create Series 


You will see at least one book that's in-progress. If there are more than 50 photos of the kids you've chosen you will have some books that we refer to as completed 'backfill books'. 

We won't print any of your books until you enable automatic printing, or add completed books to your cart.

When you decide to enable automatic printing, we'll only automatically print books from that point forward.