What makes up a subscription

In-progress Books


Your subscription will always have one in-progress book – it is at the top left on your subscription page. This book contains the most recently posted photos of the kids in the subscription. The image on the front of your in-progress book will update to reflect the most recent photo in the book.  

The progress meter in the middle indicates how many photos are in that book. Once an in-progress book reaches 50 photos it will be 'completed' and the book will print automatically (if you have activated your subscription). 

Older photos posted outside of the books date range won't appear in this books, as well as photos that you've chosen to exclude, `locked` moments that are only visible to Admins, and photos that were deleted from Notabli. 


The photos at the top of the page will appear first in your book. More recent photos will appear closer to the bottom, and will print at the end of your book. Remember, if an old photo is posted to Notabli it will be added to your in-progress book, but chronological order within the book will be maintained. 

Enlarge moments to view in a carousel
You can view single moments from you book in a carousel by hovering over the photo and clicking the `View` button. If you're viewing the website on your mobile device, tap the photo once to show the View button, then tap it to open the carousel.

Exclude moments from printing
While photos are in your in-progress book, you have the ability to exclude them from printing. Use the `Exclude` button (next to the View button) to remove a photo from your book. If you would like to review, or re-include any photo click on the `Excluded Photos` tab at the top of the page.

Automatic Printing
If you've activated your subscription we'll automatically print all of your in-progress books once they include 50 photos. We'll send you an email when you've reached 40 photos to notify you that your book may print soon. Once the book reaches 50 photos it will be completed and you can expect it to be delivered 5 - 12 days business days later.

Completed Books


Completed books contain 50 photos, and, aside from deleting or locking moments, completed books can not be edited. The image on the front of your completed book is the most recent photo in the book – but it will not be printed on the front of your book. 

A completed book can be created two ways:

  • At the time when you first start a subscription, if the kids in your subscription already have more than 50 photos.
  • Over time as your in-progress book fills with 50 photos

You can print a completed book at any time by adding it to your cart with the 'Print Book' button. Completed book purchases are not part of your subscription – you can use shipping and payment information that differs from what you use for your automatic subscription. 


While in a completed book you can click on photos to open the carousel view, but you will not be able to exclude any photos.

If you would like to print this book, click the 'Print Book' button in the top right.