Difference between Admin, Viewer, and No Access Permissions Levels

Once you add kids to Notabli, and as your network begins to grow, you may need or want to update the permissions settings of your connections in relation to your kids. There are three different permission levels.


Once you have a kid on Notabli, you have the ability to add other Admins for them. Admins can:

  • Post moments
  • View moments
  • View locked moments that you (or other admins) post
  • Post locked moments (that you and other admins can view)
  • Invite Viewers & other Admins
  • Manage
  • Delete moments
  • Delete kid accounts

Only give access to those you trust.


Once you have added a kid to Notabli, you can give family & friends access to keep up with them. Viewers can:

  • View moments
  • Heart moments
  • Comment on moments
  • Download moments
  • Cannot view locked moments

No Access

If you have are the Admin for multiple kids on Notabli, you may want granular control over your connections. If a connection has No Access for one of your kids, they:

  • Cannot view moments
  • Cannot heart moments
  • Cannot comment on moments
  • Cannot download moments

There is one exception to the above:

  • If a moment is posted that includes at least one kid for whom a connection is a Viewer (or Admin), then they will see that moment, even if it also includes a kid they have No Access to.