Getting up to Speed with Notabli

We created Notabli for parents, for family and friends, and for kids.

Notabli makes it easy to build an amazing collection of childhood moments about one kid, or many, from birth (or before) to any age. Family and friends who are invited can easily keep up with all of the kids they love, in one place.

Where can I use Notabli? 

Notabli is available on the web, for Apple iOS devices, and for Android mobile devices.


If you're a parent looking for a better way to archive, organize, and share your kids' great moments then you will be an Admin on Notabli – which means you will have control over the moments that you and others post about your kid. You can become a Notabli Admin two ways, by adding a kid or being invited to be an Admin of a kid. Admins can post and view moments about their kids (even locked moments, which are only visible to a kid's Admins).

Kids can have multiple Admins. Typically Admins are the parents, but those who spend a lot of time with the kids (grandparents, nannies, and close family/friends are also sometimes invited as Admins). IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that anyone with Admin privileges for a kid can delete their moments, and remove other Admins and Viewers.

Admins can also be Viewers for others' kids when they are invited to keep up. 


Anyone invited by an Admin to keep up with a kid is a Viewer. Viewers can see all moments posted about the kids they follow (with exception of locked moments). A viewer can comment & heart on moments, download photos and videos, and print photo books (coming soon!). Kids can have an unlimited amount of Viewers. 

Posting Moments

Admins can post moments about their kids as Photos, Videos, Notes, Quotes, and Audio recordings.