Keeping moment private (locked moment)

By default, moments posted to Notabli are only shared with your Notabli friends & family. However, you can choose to 'lock' certain moments to restrict who can see them. Locked moments can only be seen by you and your kids' other admins/parent, if applicable, and not your Notabli viewers.  

If you have already shared a moment out via email or to other social networks, you will not be able to lock a moment. 

Using The iOS App

To lock a moment before it is posted, tap the orange lock icon at the bottom left of the detail/caption screen when adding a moment.

To lock a moment after it is posted, tap the moment you wish to make private.
Click the 3 dots at the top right hand corner of the moment and choose edit.

While in the edit screen, simply tap the lock icon in the lower left hand corner. 
This moment will now only appear for admins on the account. 

Using the Android App

You can lock a moment while you are posting it, or after the moment has been posted by editing the moment. If you share a moment outside of the app you will be unable to lock the moment.  
1. Tap on the stacked 3 dots icon at the bottom right of a moment 
2. Select 'Edit'
3. Toggle 'On' the last item in the list to lock the moment and keep it private between Admins 

Using the Website

You can make a moment private either before or after it has been posted.

Before a moment has been posted, you can select locked moment at the bottom of this screen.

After a moment has been posted, you can make it private by clicking the arrow in the top right of the screen and choosing edit.
Then, choose "make private" at the bottom of the list.  This moment will no longer appear to anyone other than admins on the account.