Other Notabli Plus Questions

Is Notabli Plus on Android or the Web?

Not yet. We're introducing Notabli Plus on iOS as part of our redesigned app, with Android and web apps to follow.

What happens to my moments if I upgrade or not?

Any moments you have uploaded in the past will be stored in full-resolution, and you can save or export them at any time. In the future, non-Plus users moment uploads will be uploaded in high-resolution (large enough for Notabli book printing) but not original resolution.

I have multiple additional Admins who post for my kids, can I pay for more than one additional?

At this time we only offer Notabli Plus (one Admin) and Notabli Plus-One (subscriber + one additional Admin). If you would like more than two Admins associated with your kids to have Notabli Plus, they should upgrade their own account.

Are Notabli Plus accounts tied to individual families?

No, if you have upgraded your account to Notabli Plus, or have received Notabli Plus-One from someone else, you can post all moment types for all kid accounts for which you are an Admin (whether the kids are part of the same family or not).