How much does Notabli Plus cost?

Notabli Plus Subscription Costs

Notabli Plus (one admin / moment-poster)

  • $4.99 USD per month
  • $49.99 USD per year

Notabli Plus-One (two admins / moment-posters)

  • $6.99 USD per month
  • $69.99 USD per year

Am I required to upgrade to continue using Notabli?

Nope, if you don't upgrade to a Notabli Plus plan after your free trial period, you will continue to have access the free version of Notabli which allows you to post photos (but not other moment types). Any past moments that have been posted, regardless of moment type, will remain and continue to be accessible.

Viewers — the family and friends who don't post moments — are always free.