Interrupted by blue full-screen upgrade prompt

We apologize if your app is up to date but you are still seeing this full-screen notification prompting you to update.

Force-quit the app if you are experiencing one or both of the issues below: 

  • Seeing this screen repeatedly – even after upgrading
  • Unable to tap the 'Update For Free' button 


1. Double tap your phone's 'Home' button twice in quick succession. You should see something like this:

2. Scroll left or right until you see the Notabli app on your screen.

3. Press and hold on the image of the Notabli app and slide your finger up, away from you – dragging the image off the top of the screen.

4. The app has been force quit.  Tap your phone's home button once to return to your home screen.

5. Tap Notabli's icon to reopen the app