Sharing moments outside of Notabli

Show off your kid's moments outside of Notabli by sharing them via text, email, or on social media.

Using iOS app 

1. Select the share icon (blue box with an arrow coming out) in the bottom right of a moment.

2. Choose your share method from the options that appear (scroll right for more options).

Using the Android app

  1. Tap on the overflow menu on a moment (the 3 stacked dots icon in the bottom left of a moment)

  2. Select 'Share'

  3. Choose your share method from the available options

Using the website

1. Click on the overflow button (the three vertical dots in the upper right corner) of the moment that you would like to share 

2. Select "Share"

3. Copy the link 

4. Paste the link where you would like to share the moment (ex: Facebook, Twitter, email)

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